Dress code

The Kenmore Cricket Club asks that all players and officials dress neatly at all times and in a manner consistent with the traditions of the game.  Specifically:


    • All players in the team should wear the club shirt.
    • Long trousers or shorts must be white only.
    • Sports shoes should be predominantly white.
    • All players are to wear a club cap or broad-brimmed club hat when fielding.  No other hat or cap is permitted.
    • Team officials are to wear a green Team Official shirt and a club cap or green Team Official broad-brimmed hat at all games and training, especially when umpiring.
    • Genital protection gear (a box) and batting gloves are to be worn when batting for all ages from Super 8s and above. It is strongly recommended that, for safety and health reasons, each player purchase their own genital protector.
    • All players from under 10 and up are to wear gloves and pads when batting.  The club provides each team with a kit that contains batting equipment, but each player is most welcome to use their own equipment if they have some.


For recommendations on the use of helmets, click here.