Game day checklist

Before the start of any game at a Kenmore home ground the manager (or the coach, a parent or, in the case of senior teams, the captain or a senior player) must complete a game day checklist. This form must be completed with a representative from the opposing team and should be signed by both teams. The Kenmore Cricket Club agrees to have a game day checklist completed prior to all matches as part of our insurance policy. If you prefer, you can download the JLT Cricket Match Day app for apple or android devices and use this instead of the paper form.


While the club makes every effort to ensure that our venues are safe for play, it is in the best interests of each team manager, coach or team captain to also ensure that they have taken steps to ensure that a venue is suitable for play before each game.  The game day checklist is evidence that team management has undertaken steps to ensure that that is the case.  If the opposition team chooses not to sign the game day checklist then simply make a note of this at the bottom of the form.  When playing away, you should be asked by the home team to undertake an inspection of the ground and to sign their game day checklist.


Please note: All game day checklists are to be kept and handed into the club at the end of every season - that is, at the end of each pre-Christmas and post-Christmas competition.