Team managers' info

Team managers (and coaches) are fundamental to the success of our cricket teams.  To assist managers with the running of their teams, the club has compiled a list of activities that should be undertaken before, during and after the match. 


For all senior teams, management responsibilities rest with the captain and vice-captain.


Before the match


  • You or your team coach should distribute to your team information regarding training time and venue, a reminder about the match, and what time to be at the venue.
  • Each week, someone needs to score and umpire.  It is the team manager's role to create a roster for the season.  This roster will nominate who will score and umpire each week.  This roster may also include other tasks that may be required from time-to-time - such as, fruit snacks for the change of innings or ice blocks for the end of the game.  Often the coach will umpire while the Kenmore team is fielding as this is a good opportunity for the coach to provide feedback to the players during the game.  This is certainly the case for Super 8s to under 11.  For under 12 and above, on-field coaching should be kept to a minimum - for example, at the end of an over or during a drinks break or change of innings. 
  • Ensure the scorer has a pencil and eraser. The scorer should be provided with a team list with possible batting and bowling line ups before the start of play (though these do change during the course of the game from time-to-time).
  • At a Kenmore home ground, before the start of play the manager (or the coach, a parent or, in the case of senior teams, the captain or a senior player) must complete a game day checklist.  This form must be completed with a representative from the opposing team and should be signed by both teams.  If the opposition team chooses not to sign the form then simply make a note of this at the bottom of the form. If you prefer, you can download the JLT Cricket Match Day app for apple or android devices and use this instead of the paper form.
  • In the event of rain during the week, and if playing at a Kenmore home ground, it is the responsibility of the manager or the coach to inspect the venue before play.  For senior teams, this must be done by the team captain.  If it has been raining heavily all week play should be cancelled before the Saturday.  If, however, there is light rain on the Friday night or Saturday morning, the manager or coach (or captain for senior teams) should inspect the ground by 7am on the Saturday morning and determine if play is not possible.  This allows plenty of time to notify the opposing team that the game has been cancelled.  If in doubt, teams should meet at the ground where a decision to play or not will be made. 


On match day


  • If playing at a Kenmore home groud, it is the responsibility of the coach or manager (or captain for senior teams) to make sure that the field is ready for play at the designated start time.  This includes setting up the stumps and boundary markers and the removal of covers if necessary. 
  • Ensure players are ready to go onto the field by the designated start time.
  • When batting, always have two players ready to go out to bat.  For under 10 and up, this means two batsmen must be padded up and ready to go with all their protective gear in place. 
  • The team manager is in charge of the first aid kit (which the club provides with the team kit). Any injuries should be referred to the coach or manager for treatment. The first aid kit should stay with the team kit as it is also required at training. 
  • Please make sure that the club's equipment remains with the team kit.  It is recommended that two players are nominated each week to assume responsibility for the kit, including the return of all club equipment and packing it up at the end of the day's play. 
  • Ensure both teams agree on the scores and the match result before anyone leaves a venue. 
  • For U11 to U15 and Open, complete a match abstract.
  • Retrieve the scorebook. 
  • Ensure that the venue is tidy before anyone leaves - this includes the removal of any rubbish, making sure that toilets are cleaned (and locked if they are not public toilets).


After the match


  • Complete the batting and bowling summary at the back of the scorebook. 
  • For U11 and above, use the match abstract information to update the results on the MyCricket website by no later than the Thursday evening following the game - that is, if it is a ‘one day’ game, the following Thursday; if it is a ‘two day’ game, the Thursday following the second Saturday of the game.


Please note: All match abstracts and game day checklists are to be kept and handed into the club at the end of every season - that is, at the end of each pre-Christmas and post-Christmas competitions.


The clubs appreciates the efforts that all coaches, managers, team captains and parents put in to make sure that every child has a positive and enjoyable experience with the Kenmore Cricket Club.  Thank you.


Blue Card


The Kenmore Cricket Club requires that all committee members, age group coordinators, team managers and coaches at our club possess a Blue Card or Exemption Card.  For more information about the Blue Card system and to download the Blue Card application form, click here.  For assistance with your application please contact our club Member Protection Information Officer at




The following scoring resources are provided as a guide. There are a number of different ways of denoting extras on a scorecard and the information here covers some of them.