Player selection and grading 2018/19

The Kenmore Cricket Club grades junior members that participate in competitive cricket - that is, from under 11 to Open age.  The club also undertakes a 'soft grading' of under 10 players in preparation for their entry into competitive cricket.   Senior teams are formed weekly, based upon skill and availability.


Junior grading for season 2018-19 is listed below. At this stage all sessions will be conducted on the weekend of 1 and 2 September. We expect all players to attend grading however we understand that due to other commitments it is not always possible. Please contact your Age Group Coordinator if you cannot attend your nominated session.


Age group Date Time  Venue
Under 10 Saturday, September 1  1-3 pm CHSS 
Under 11 Saturday, September 1  3-5 pm CHSS 
Under 12 Saturday, September 1  1-3 pm CHSS 
Under 13 Sunday, September 2            1-3 pm CHSS 
Under 14 Sunday, September 2   3-5 pm
Under 15 and Open No grading required


CHSS = Chapel Hill State School, Ironbark Rd, Chapel Hill


Grading is done to ensure that all members play in a competition that best suits their standard of cricket and the stage of their development as a cricketer.  The grading process has been designed so that all members gain maximum enjoyment from playing cricket while also ensuring that they play in an environment which maximises their development as a player.


It is the policy of the Kenmore Cricket Club to grade players at the start of every season.  This is done so that each member has the opportunity to play cricket at the highest possible standard - if they choose to do so.  Players develop at different rates.  Therefore, the club encourages players (and parents) not to focus on which team they are in but rather to consider their development as a cricketer.  Grading takes place in a very short timeframe. Parents can help by registering early and by having players attend all grading sessions.


Each age group will have an age group coordinator who, along with the coaches in the age group, will decide which team to place a player. Age group coordinators determine an appropriate day and venue for grading. The age group coordinator will solicit the assistance of coaches and parents to assess a player's skill utilising the club's grading sheets. Based on these assessments, previous seasons' performances, and with some allowance made to ensure that a balanced team of batsmen, bowlers and wicket-keepers has been chosen, players will be placed into a team.  Players will be advised which team they are in by their coach, manager or age group coordinator before the start of the cricket season.


The aim of the club is to grade all players as fairly as possible. Some parents place undue pressure on their children by expecting them to always be in the top team. The club suggests that parents help their children through the grading process by being supportive. The club requests that in cases where a parent disagrees with the end result that they accept and trust the final decision of the club's officials.