Having trouble registering for Junior or Senior cricket?

Follow the steps to register. If you have trouble with the process, refer to the relevant section below. You know your registration has gone through when you receive your confirmation email.


The My Cricket registration login screen looks like this: 

 My Cricket Login


New to cricket?


If you are new to cricket and have never played for Kenmore Cricket Club or any other club, you will need to create a new My Cricket ID. You can do this by clicking the Skip this step link or the Continue button under New Participant. You will then be able to enter the player's details and register.


Returning to Kenmore?


If you played at Kenmore before you should already be in My Cricket. If you already know your My Cricket ID and your password from before, simply use these details to login. You must re-use your existing ID; do not attempt to create a new one.


If you have forgotten your password you can click on the Forgot your password link and it will ask for your email address or My Cricket ID. This enables you to reset your password so you can then login and register. 


If you don't remember your password and your email address has changed since last registering, none of the above will work. Please email registrar@kenmorecricket.com.au with player name and DOB and request to have your email address updated in My Cricket. Once that happens, you will be able to reset your password and proceed with registration.


New to Kenmore but not new to cricket (in Australia)?


You should already have a My Cricket ID. As above, you are able to use your existing My Cricket ID and password to login and register.


If you have forgotten your password you can reset it in the same way that returning players can.


If you have changed your email address since last registering, you could contact your previous club to ask them to update it for you. Alternatively, you can email registrar@kenmorecricket.com.au with (1) player name, (2) DOB and (3) previous club, and request a player transfer from your previous club to Kenmore. (Transfers do not remove you from any previous clubs, you are simply added to our club as well.)


Note: in the case of senior players who are registering at Kenmore for the first time, we are required to apply for a player clearance from your most recent club, after we receive your registration. Clearances are subject to the approval from your previous club before you can start playing at Kenmore. 


Still having problems?


Please contact the club secretary at secretary@kenmorecricket.com.au or on 0404 463 309 for assistance.